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Wind power in Oklahoma

In only 16 years, Oklahoma has successfully recruited more than $20 billion in investment from the wind industry. Wind energy already meets 36% of Oklahoma’s daily electrical needs, sustaining jobs and investing millions in school districts and rural communities across our state. 

We are there. We are a leader. And we’re just getting started.

As a central location in the United States, Oklahoma is the heart of the wind corridor. We are now number two in the Nation for wind energy generation and more investment is already in advanced stages of development.

With 56 wind farms stretching across 26 counties in Western Oklahoma, the wind industry is a boon to our stagnant, rural economy. Landowners are now the recipients of $51 million in land lease payments every year and growing. In turn, ranchers have expanded operations, acquired more land, bought more equipment, raised more cattle, planted more seed, hired more hands and exported more commodities on behalf of the State of Oklahoma.

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