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Energy Transformation

Discover How Wind is Leading an Energy Transformation.

Wind energy is already transforming the Oklahoma economy and shaping our future for generations to come! Wind energy in Oklahoma is consistently chosen to meet renewable energy targets by the state and our employment base.

  • Google Data Center in Pryor, OK, requires its power supply to come from a renewable source, such as wind. Google continues to expand with another $1 billion invested in Oklahoma.
  • The University of Oklahoma ranks 7th in the nation for total volume of renewable energy purchased by institutions of higher education in the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program. According to the OU Wind Power Agreement: “nearly a decade ago, OU researchers had the foresight to create the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative. Today, wind energy has the potential to create more than 15,000 new jobs and $500 million a year in property tax revenues in Oklahoma with appropriate investments in research and job training.”

Thanks to wind, Oklahoma’s energy future is as vast as the skies above. See how you can join the movement. Contact us.