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Why Clean Energy?

It’s good to diversify Oklahoma’s economy.

Our state is known for “the best wind in the world,” and now that we have harnessed its power and reaped its economic benefits, we must continue to diversify our energy portfolio. Next, Oklahoma has significant opportunities on the horizon through the development of solar energy and the growing power storage industry.

Together, with our natural and abundant resources in wind, solar, hydro and natural gas, Oklahoma holds incredible potential to lead our Nation’s energy revolution with perpetual and infinite power sources.

U.S. innovation, free market key to clean, affordable energy

U.S. Rep. Markwayne Mullin

“Oklahoma has historically been known as an oil state. But Oklahoma is also a leader in renewable energy. We are now the second in wind generation. We are focused on an all-of-the-above energy strategy because we understand that they can complement each other. When the wind isn’t blowing in Oklahoma, we rely on natural gas to power our electricity. Using all of our energy resources means lower costs for families and lower emissions. Because Oklahoma has adopted this strategy, we are home to some of the most affordable power in the nation.

In all of our districts, we have seen that by bringing sanity to regulations, and allowing the free market to work, energy companies are modernizing energy generation processes, reducing emissions and creating new jobs.”

The Washington Times, Editorial, Sept. 9, 2019